...A Fate of Two Blue's

The Blue Bottle Mic system is BLUE's flag ship microphone. With 8 interchangeable capsules it's not only the most versatile large diaphragm tube microphone, it's the perfect marriage between classic vintage magic and modern advancements in quality and flexibility.

Hence in the name, it was nothing less than fate that this mic would become the center piece at Blue House.

For years before we could imagine acquiring one, this was the mic that we always wanted before we even knew it. A microphone that we discovered was used on many of our most beloved recordings. This soul testament being the mic of choice of producer and mixing engineer, Jerry Finn.

Sadly, Jerry passed away in 2008 due to complications of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Flash forward to a cold day in 2016,
After searching for a bottle for a few years, waiting to find the right time and opportunity, this mic came to be.  But, this was different. This wasn't just a BLUE bottle microphone, behold Jerry Finn's actual Mic!

Words could not express our excitement nor astonishment.

But was it true?
It was too nerdy to not be true,
Coupled with acquiring it second hand , the previous owner was not letting it go unreasonably.

The good people at BLUE were also helpful in verifying a few things and making sure the mic was up to spec.

We are honored to have our heroes mic that he personally used on many amazing records find it's home at Blue house and hope to carry on it's magic.

Echoing a modern totem.
We believe we did not find this mic,

It found us...