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located in Orange County CA. Just off the 5 freeway (near the 22, 55 and 57!) .

The team @ Blue house sound studio specialize in producing, tracking and mixing audio for both music & speech

Grant (Blue House) Butler

Grant Butler

An accomplished musician and guitar player, Grant has a passion for creating a project from start to finish.

As a tracking engineer , Grant meticulously forges the best from the mic choices , mic placement, pre-amps and room ambiance.

In the mix , Grant nurtures the project to what the artist is feeling and then pulls it beyond what they can imagine. That's the Blue House sound.


Bahrum Moghadam

Always striving for the very best, Bahrum excels at both writing and producing. He is a highly skilled drummer as well as being proficient in a multitude of instruments from guitar, bass, percussion and piano. Bahrum cut his music chops attending and graduating RCC school of Music where he learned classical & jazz all while playing in punk/rock bands in his spare time. Never wanting to follow,  Bahrum strongly believes in finding the right vibe and tone for each project. He feels his gear is simply a reflection of the tones and techniques that he hears in his head and wants to push the project to be the best that it can be all while marrying it to a sound that is  timeless.

Bahrum (Bare-Emm) Moghadam