Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Should I bring my own gear to the studio? 

    In most cases no, Bluehouse prides itself in having a selection of the best gear. The pallet we have to offer lays the groundwork to the magic in the final product.  (Drummers, Bring your kick drum pedals and new sticks of your choice.)

  2.  I don't see (piece of gear) on your list, and it's essential to my sound, should I bring it? 

    Yes , absolutely.  For example, a great guitar that defines your sound. Be sure to change your guitar strings a day or two before the studio and get your guitar intonated/set up by a professional. (Call Don Solo +1 (714) 955-2890 for the best)

  3.   But seriously, Can I bring my own drum set ? I have the best cracked cymbals $50 can buy. 

    We are confident that we will be able to provide you comfort & best setup with our huge collection of top drums and cymbals. If there is something we don't have we will be happy to work with you case by case.  (Do bring your kick drum pedals and new sticks of your choice.)

  4.  I want to bring my amp, it's a solid state line 6 spider... 

    No! Haha, but if you have a tube amp that we don't have and you would love to use it, we would love to record it for you. 

  5.  Can my friend…./GF/BF come to the session? 

    No.  Unfortunately, this is for everyone's own good. We find that outside influences waste time, become a distraction, and ultimately only hinder the process and final product. We request that only band members attend the tracking session.

  6.  Do we record to a metronome/click track?

    Yes,  Know the bpm/ tempos of your music and practice to a metronome. We will want the bpms of your songs prior to tracking. 

  7. Do You Have ProTools?

    Yes, But we don’t use it! We use Reaper for all of our DAW needs, in many ways it has been more flexible & ahead of pro-tools in functionality. It has yet to let us down, & we havnt’t found a single thing it can’t do! At the end of the day, your Daw is like asking “which brand pencil and paper do you use?”… It isn’t where the quality of the sound is coming from. Protools is an unfortunate buzz word and a farce, misunderstood and misused as an industry standard thanks to big marketing… Just ask the likes of Giants like Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer! Should you need stems exported from a protools project file, we can accommodate. With all this being said, lets use some real analog hardware and get a sound!